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lör 27 maj



Tantric Transformation - Cacao Ritual & Conscious Touch

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Tantric Transformation - Cacao Ritual & Conscious Touch
Tantric Transformation - Cacao Ritual & Conscious Touch

Time & Location

27 maj 15:00 – 20:30

Norrmalm, Sankt Eriksgatan 104, 113 31 Stockholm, Sweden

About the event

After many requests we will finally come back to beautiful Alvanda Yoga Studio in central Stockholm for a new tantric event! Can it be more magical than to come together for conscious touch and a sacred cacao-ritual when Spring is blossoming at her most, inviting us to let go of what no longer serves us and welcome ourselves into rebirth. 

The Cacao journey will be on the theme of forgiveness, and our intention with the whole event is to support you to let go of the old, surrender and step into your new, reborn and empowered self.  

This event is open for curious beginners as well as experienced tantrics, and everyone in between. We will co-create healing, expansion and magic in a very safe, heartful and held space at Mother Alvanda. We’ll be a group of maximum 15-16 people and both couples & individuals are most welcome! 

We will explore the art of conscious touch in the form of Five Elements Massage where you will get to explore the energies of the different elements and how magically they all live in your body, soul and spirit. 

Couples can choose to do the conscious touch only with each other or mix up with others. Generally we will divide into groups of 3 for the conscious touch, since our experience is that that usually becomes both the safest and most relaxed, inspiring & healing group dynamic.  

Important: For us tantra & conscious touch is not only about pleasure, connection, relaxation and having a ‘nice experience’ in the moment. For us the foundational intentions with our workshops and retreats are ALWAYS healing & integration, personal transformation, expansion and liberation. Our goal is to inspire and encourage you to take steps forward towards becoming your true self. We will lovingly invite you to step a little bit outside of your comfort zone to your so called growth zone - but we will NEVER force or expect you to do anything that doesn’t feel right for you, or that you feel is too much to handle and will risk your nervous system to freak out or shut down.

Nothing in this event is mandatory to participate in, and we expect you to be self-responsible and lovingly clear with your boundaries. We will of course do our best to support and encourage this kind of communication and we see that in itself as an important part of the healing and expansion.  

The Cacao Ritual will be a meditative & mystical soul journey where we all will be dressed in white. It may also include elements of conscious touch with the intention of healing and expansion.  

Practical info: 

- May 27 at 15.00 - around 20.30 at Alvanda Yoga Studio, St Eriksgatan 104, Stockholm. 

- Investment - 999 SEK/person. We have 5 early bird spots for 777 SEK/person, first come first served, and the early bird ends on May 18 (Usce discount code: EarlyBirdTantra )

- Please be there 10-15 min before so we can start at 15 sharp. - Bring white clothes for the ritual! (If you don’t have white, bring light colored.) - We will start with a short introduction and sharing, then the conscious touch. After that we’ll go into the ritual, with a tea/fruit break and change of clothes in between. 

- Please come as the best version of yourself, fresh, clean and newly showered (and with deodorant! Avoid too strong smells and perfumes though, as there might be sensitive noses in the space.) 

- In the whole event you choose your own level of nudity, but in the conscious touch we will keep our underwear on for the sake of the mattresses/sheets, and note that this event will NOT include genital massage/touch. 

- We will invite you to use coconut oil for parts of the conscious touch, which we will provide at the event. If you for some reason want to use oil but not coconut oil, we invite you to bring your own (natural) oil, preferably not with a strong smell. 

- This event may be held in English or Swedish, depending on the participants. Please let us know when you sign up if there’s any of those two languages that you absolutely don’t understand.   

About us:  

Maria - Tantra Therapist and Somatic Truth & Intimacy Coach for couples, individuals & groups.  

”I am absolutely passionate about my work as a tantric coach & facilitator and I’m always experimenting with new ways to merge the knowledge and experience from my past 10 years on this path. I use my knowledge, tools & techniques from classical & neo tantra, neuro science & psychology, embodiment work, somatic experience, trauma integration & ritualistic mysticism. I never stop getting fascinated of how these fields all merge so well, and together they create a super highway to transformation, expansion and liberation.  

In my personal story one of the biggest milestones was my divorce from the father of my children, now seven years ago. With that separation followed big insights about my unhealthy relationship patterns, unsustainable and chaotic lifestyle, constant new life crises that led to severe burnout, anxiety, trauma  - and eventually total rebirth. All my pain, numbness, therapy, curiosity, patience, processes, learnings, courses, retreats, books, blood, sweat, tears & laughter have taught me so much about life in a human body. This infinite potential for pleasure & juicyness, self-healing and miraculous liberation that we’re made for never stops fascinating me!  

I am also passionate about the magic that arises when we become aware of our unconscious patterns and conditioning & can create a new sense of acceptance for ourselves. When we then have access to the right support, tools and guidance, we will be able to transform whatever life area we focus on, and peel off the layers that blocks us from being our truest, juiciest and most powerful selves. 

I feel incredibly proud & fortunate to have the honor of guiding & inspiring so many people with my knowledge, experience & enthusiasm about this inexhaustible subject!  

I have a long background as a professional singer, actor, communication lecturer, childbirth educator & doula. Through my various professions & roles, I have always had great curiosity & fascination for the human body & brain - and our strong capacity for everything from total self-sabotage, to healing, bliss & ecstasy. I see myself as an eternal student in the school of life & never get tired of exploring the enormous life force we possess - and can access through meditation, breath, movement, mindfulness, voice, relaxation, conscious touch and verbal & nonverbal communication.  

With me on my events & retreats, I have my beautiful beloved and business partner Robin, who walks the tantric path by my side. Robin is also a tantra masseur & therapist, and a real healing magician with his hands and energy. 

In Robin you will find a stable, safe & kind man with an incredibly strong presence. At the same time he is a wonderfully curious, playful & courageous person that never misses a chance for adventure! Robin has a lot of experience & expertise in supporting processes & holding a safe space for people in whatever way needed in the moment. Robin assists me as a course leader with all sorts of practical & technical tasks, and is on hand for you as a participant as an extra resource whenever you need emotional or practical support."

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